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Top 7 Hairstyles That Are Absolutely Chic (And Practical) for Your Workout

When you are too fired up with your workout but then your hair is somewhat getting in a way, it can be an absolute mood-dampening. You wouldn’t want to keep on swiping your fringe or tucking your hair behind your ears. It can be annoying and distracting when you’re working out. That is why, regardless of the type of workout you do (it may be yoga, high-intensity cardio or any other fitness routine) it is important to know the kind of hairstyle that works out for you.

Let’s face it; we all want to look stylish and beautiful most of the time. You wouldn’t want to be caught off guard (not looking chic) when your workout gal-friends suddenly had the urge to take some gym selfies, right? For some people, a ponytail will do since they’ll just become sweaty and too focused on their workout routines. However, hairstyles are not simply about comfort or for convenience purposes. It also influences your attitude and helps you tap into the right mood – may it be a “tough-girl” vibe or “stylish-chic”.

Yes, inarguably you want your hair to stay in place without pestering your eyes, making your neck ticklish due to the loss strands and of course, still look good even you’re probably sweating from the intense workout. Because you don’t have time to worry about your hair when you are burning with passion for your fitness training, styling your hair from the start is a must. After all, the struggle is real for every girl who’s on the mission in reaching her fitness goals.

So let us share you the hairstyles that made it to the top of the list. Some of these might be your favorite but we’ve added some little twist to help you make extra sassy and yet offer a great hold for your hair!


Sleek and Classic High Ponytail

You can never go wrong with ponytails. And for that, this is one of the most-loved and top choices for girls in almost any occasion. It is easy and can go well for any attire. All you need is to brush all your hair into a single hold then use a hair tie or hair elastics and presto- classic ponytail look is done!

It has been a gym staple since it practically gives you the best hold on your hair. No need to worry about your hair because this hairstyle is very functional so you can freely focus on your moves. It gives you a sleek effect as well even when you become sweaty. Another reason why this updo is popular because you can experiment with the height of your ponytail as a well low ponytail, side-swept apply a gel to prevent any flyaways at bay or you can use a texturizing spray to add some texture. The only difference is the actual styling you’ll add for your ponytail.


Getting Creative with your Ponytail

Never limit yourself with the classic ponytail. Add some spice to your look by having fun and getting creative with your ponytail! We’re talking about more than just doing a hair-wrap on your ponytail because there are other quirky ways to do the styling! Try sectioning your hair in smaller parts to create a Bubble Ponytail. Start with the classic ponytail, then tie a second hair elastic for about an inch lower and do the same sectioning on the rest of your hair. Pull out the section of your hair a bit to achieve the bubble-look. How about a Low-Straight Ponytail that stylishly makes use of bobby pins? Simply straighten your hair while dividing it into three sections. The second and third sections of your hair are both secured together while the first or the topmost part of your hair will cover those sections to create a straight ponytail over it. For some added jazz, you can also wear a chic or colorful headband to go with your ponytail. Or perhaps you want to combine your ponytail with some braids on the side. All you need is to let loose of your creativity and the fashion girl in you!


Messy ‘Do or Let it Loose with a Headband

Messy hair is way different to bed-hair because even though it is called a messy ‘do, it is still a sassy styling of hair! With the aesthetically planned messy finish, you can play in with any hair wave you feel like to have for the day. The tousled hairstyle can make you look cool and casual for your workout. You can use your favorite Volumizer spray to prep your hair in sections and toss the strands into a bit of curl as you put it up for a ponytail. Don’t forget to spritz some drying hairspray to make sure that the messy waves or curls stay intact all through-out the day. But if you have short hairs that will make it quite impossible to tie it up high, you can simply let is loose but still hold your hair in place using a chic headband. There are varieties of the headband and other accessories you can try like a bandana to have a fuss-free loose hairstyle.


Different Styling of Braids

Braids work for every hair type and cuts! So technically speaking, this is a hairstyle that is fashionably ideal for your sweat sesh and another good thing is you can effortlessly style in different transitions of braiding! You might have heard the countless name of braid hairstyle and it seems to keep on counting nowadays because after all, we girls love to experiment with style! Among the favorites are the following:

  • French Braid
  • Triple French Braid
  • Triple Braid Updo
  • Side Fishtail Braid
  • Turn-n-Twist Braid
  • Pull-Through Braid
  • Loose High Ponytail Braid
  • Braids with Hair Wrap
  • Headband Braid
  • Loose Hair Braided Bow
  • Dutch Braid with low messy bun
  • Dutch Boxer Braids

You can find instructions of these braids online, particularly videos that are quite helpful to give you the all-day braided style!


A Variety of Hair Buns

Opting for a tight and elegant bun instead of ponytails or braids is another way to be stylish while working out. Securing your hair from falling out, buns are very functional and somehow clears your face to make it appear bright-looking even you are actually tired and sweaty. One of the favorites is the Sky-High Tight Knot Bun. Simply gather your hair above the crown of your head then twist it into a bun. This is often a chic oversized bun but if you have short hair, then it technically creates just a cute bun. If you are always rushing with time, this hairstyle is very ideal for you because you can simply twist your hair into a classic bun and presto – a ballerina-like elegance redefined!

Other styles are:

  • Low Messy Buns
  • High Donut Bun
  • Free-ended Donut Bun
  • Chinese-style Side Buns (this may sound like a Chinese food but it is actually a hairstyle!)
  • Braided Low Bun
  • Upside Down French-Braided Bun



This hairstyle also shows considerable variations that will give an excitement and fashion to your workouts. Generally, this hair trend refers to partitioning your hair in two sections – one for the right and one for the left side. You can simply tie it up into a high ponytail just as most cheerleaders do, or you can try braiding it like cute cowgirl braids. This is perfect if you are looking for a no-fuss easy way of hair styling! Just like any other hairstyles we’ve mentioned, you can also try experimenting and let your imagination do the fashion works!


Styling it with Short Haircuts

In case you wish to skip on styling your hair, then why not consider naturally cutting it into a short hairstyle? It is quite easy to manage compared to long hair. Plus it will give you a new look other than your usual long or medium-length hairstyles. You can try a Short Chin-length Bob cut or how about a Face-contouring Bob cut?


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