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The Power of Knowing the Importance of Posture

There are many reasons why you want to sign-up as a member of a particular gym or set up a fitness training plan.  Some people just want to lose weight, get cool abs and well-toned body. Meanwhile, others want to set their lifestyle back on the healthy track. There are countless reasons and everyone has the desire to fulfill their fitness goals.

It is important to take the time to get fit and healthy. Aside from having a balanced diet, organizing your schedule with daily exercise or perhaps a weekly fitness plan is a great influence in securing a healthy body. Among the benefits is reducing the risk of diseases. However, in terms of physical reward, you can also earn a good posture for your body.  


Why is it important?

You might still remember how your parents and other people telling you to sit up straight. This can be quite tiresome to the point of annoying. Since you are always being reminded to change your posture and this is a type of advice we must heed. After all, this is for the wellness of your body.

It is important to have proper postural alignment, whether it is for sitting or standing because it will help your body to effectively function the way they should be. It will allow your muscles to efficiently work together and move coordinately. No need to worry about overly straining your body ligaments; thus producing less fatigue and less effort in moving. Everything will act as how they are intended to move.


What to Avoid?

Poor posture is the major contributor to body pains particularly to the neck and lower back. Our daily routines are usually the cause of posture problems. However, the most culprits are these three activities:

  • When driving your car.

Driving is a frequent aggravator for posture discomfort. It initially causes pain for lower back due to following reasons. One is the car sit even though it may seem a padded chair. Unlike regular sitting, your body moves in different motions and it is your feet that are actively on the action. With that, you are subjected less support because feet are often used to stabilize the lower body.

  • When you are at your desk.

There are so many things you do while you’re at your desk. You can work there and have some leisure time like when checking emails or your Facebook through your laptop. For this, you often get distracted and will eventually lead to postural stress. This refers to sitting too long. You might also hunch your shoulders which then involves prolonged bending.

  • When relaxing at night.

It is not just when you are sitting, standing or heavy lifting but even when you are laying down. Improper sleeping position can also be the cause of back pain and chronic neck pain which eventually lead to a posture problem. So don’t disregard your sleeping position. It is time to think about your spine and keep it in a neutral position. So it we are to recommend, it is best to sleep on your back as it will evenly distribute the body weight.

How to Fix your Posture?
It isn’t easy to acquire good posture. Most of the time, we are too absorbed with the work that we forgot to sit up straight or maintain a good standing posture. There are a lot of things in your mind so it is hard to remember throughout the day. You might be able to keep it up in the morning but when noon comes, you’ll realize that you have been slouching or hunching your shoulders for quite a long time already.  May it be when eating, walking, driving your car and even when watching TV, most of the time we become lax with our posture. That is why we would like to share some of the effective and empowering posture fixes!

Wall Posture Check

This posture check is quite easy and will only take at least 2 minutes. Start by standing against a wall with your feet hip-width apart and pointed straight ahead. Make sure that your shoulders, hips, and heels are touching the wall. In case you find it difficult to touch the wall with your heels, ­you can place them at least 2-3 inches away. After a while, once you get to master it, you can gradually progress in doing the hell-to-wall stance.

An important reminder when doing the Wall Posture Check is to allow your head in a comfortable position but maintain it in a straight direction while paralleling your chin to the floor.


The 3-Shoulder Routine

This routine involves three exercises which can release the tension on your back and neck while stabilizing the balance you need. You have to perform them at least thrice a day.  Reset your posture by simply following the sequence below:

Step #1: Place your arms above your head. Gradually pull your shoulders down but you have to make sure that there is no bending of the elbows. Maintain the position for 3 counts and then release. Perform this routine three times.


Step #2: Do the “Shoulder Squeeze”. Direct your arms in front of you. It should be in shoulder height. Then try to bring your shoulder blades to touch like more of a squeeze. For 3 counts, hold the stance without bending your elbows. Once done with the count, release and repeat the squeeze routine three times.


Step #3: Lastly using your shoulders make a backward circle while your arms are down and at your sides.  Slowly create the movement in a controlled manner. As much as possible, the no bending of the elbows while producing the biggest circle you can. Repeat this three times.


It is necessary to be aware of your body because once your posture is compromised it may lead to a much bigger health problem. The very first step when it comes to fixing your posture it to know the importance of proper alignment. By doing these, you can take early precautions and be able to figure the right solution.  Among the fixes, the easiest is to make mental notes that will help you check your posture each time. A good example is a stick-on-note by your desk. Throughout the day, prepare these checkpoints into a daily task and dedicatedly follow like a ritual which eventually ensures your back to get the proper alignment.

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