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The 5 Ultimate Eating Habits to be Fit and Healthy

There are so many tips when it comes to getting fit and healthy. A great number of apps have been released to help you with your fitness regimen but it is more than getting up early and having your morning run. It is also not simply about being fired up and spending lots of time at the gym. What’s even more important and a key factor to score the best body you’ve been dreaming to have is eating a balanced diet.


It is important to have proper nutrition alongside with your exercise. There are various health problems such as obesity that may plague not just the body but the heart and mind as well. That is why it is necessary to work hard in getting fit and healthy through making positive changes in your lifestyle. To start off, you must be keen on what you eat. If you pair it up with your consistent exercise you will surely get a positive result in a safe and effective way!

#1What do you mean by balanced diet? This is the usual question that boggles the mind of many. It doesn’t mean to give up eating but rather keeping a plate balanced with the needed food groups, particularly vegetables. The main point is to get enough nutrients and everything in moderation. You have to be keen in choosing fresh over canned food since it always tastes better and of course not as pricey as the latter. So give a firm “NO” to canned produce but say “YES” to whole grain, brown rice, oats, and fruits. It is also important to build your muscle with protein. Have a clean diet which is comprised of nature’s pre-made food!

#2 Hearty breakfast is important. Instead of stuffing your kitchen pantry with boxes of cereals and granola bars, you must not settle for a quick sugar rush in the morning that will eventually make us hungry right after a few minutes. Yes, we might not all have the time to prepare a gourmet breakfast but a little effort would do no harm especially if it is for the sake of our wellness. There are easy to follow breakfast recipes which don’t take up much time. You can make them ahead of time, like an overnight prep-meal or perhaps a quick whip up of a healthy smoothie! Try some quinoa fruit salad, berry yogurt, or a toast with banana slices and chia seed over the top. Another idea is an overnight crock-pot egg casserole. There are so many choices and ingredients you can use for making your healthy breakfast bowl. After all, it is the most important meal to keep you going all throughout the day.

#3The power of green food.No matter how tasty a bag of chips, you should trade it with healthy food. Buy more greens and fruits instead of being lured by the flashy packaging of junk foods or unhealthy snacks. Green vegetables can give you stronger immune system and other health benefits.

A great example is eating kale and spinach which are considered to be bona fide super-healthy food. Plus they are quite easy to fit into your meal. Did you know that with sweet chili peppers can give your metabolism an extra boost? You can even sneak in some veggies into your favorite dessert. Plus you can also enjoy growing your very own herbs! What more a better idea than to have your personalized garden wherein you can plant your own herbs and veggies. That way you can be sure of the food you eat is indeed fresh.

Aside from the greens, fruits are your best buddies when working out because they are considered to be hydrating foods. Among the list of fruits that can help you stay hydrated are pineapple, watermelon, blueberries, grapefruit and pears. It is also good to have cucumbers, lettuce, and tomatoes. You can also add a slice of lemon or lime to your bottled water.

There is more to learn of what each vegetable and fruits can provide for our body to be fit and healthy!

#4Know what to avoid. Be strong against the tempting smell of pizza and the urge to pick a bag of chips or junk food. Eating healthy is indeed not easy but with a determined heart, you will find that there’s more reason to ditch unhealthy food. So when you are in a grocery store, it is advisable to have a clear list of what you need to buy to avoid any impulsive buying or even last-minute cravings. Also, avoid sweetened drinks. Another important tip is to store the healthiest food in front of your fridge. Don’t place the chocolate bars right before an apple or else your eyes will be gravitated towards it – wasting all your efforts to be healthy.

#5Never skip post-exercise nutrition. People tend to think that they must not eat after their workout. It is due to the fear of undoing the calories they’ve just burned. But it is actually a wrong notion. A meal after performing an exercise routine can refuel your body. It is recommended (within a 30minutes of workout) to have a combination of 10 – 15 grams of protein as well as 20 up to 30 grams of carbohydrates. This will arm up your energy while promoting body and muscle recovery which then help you to keep going in building a leaner physique you want.


No need to count for the calories. It can actually be annoying and grumbling if you will check every nutritional label. Instead, do your best in practicing these healthy habits and combine it with your exercise. You can be sure that your training program you’ve passionately set for your body to be fit will be a success!

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