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Health Secrets: Ultimate List of Food That Increases Your Metabolism

Time and time again, we are reminded to have a proper nutritional meal plan in order to maintain and acquire a healthier body. We are constantly advised by almost everyone – family, friends, doctors, and even countless advertisements, to eat healthy food and ditch the ones that may bring negative effects to your wellbeing. Well, we can’t loosely ignore it. As a matter of fact, the adage “You Are What You Eat” is undeniably true.

As we eat, let us be strong no matter how difficult it may be to avert our eyes away from tempting donuts, ice creams, cakes, chips, and other unhealthy foods. Basically, what we ingest is converted into nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that essentially provide us energy and allow our body to grow into the healthiest form possible. As such, one of the major parts of any healthy diet is building a proper meal structure that promotes an increase in your metabolism. Generally speaking, metabolism pertains to the chemical process of your body that produces the much-needed energy for us to perform our fitness routines and keep going all throughout the activities that are scheduled for the day.  So let us share you the fundamentals of metabolism and the foods that will help you kick it up a notch for a healthier version of you!


Boosting Your Health

We all have our own healthy goals. The sooner we take care of ourselves, the more we will gain benefits and the sooner we can enjoy them. Since food takes up a major role that may advantageously impact our workouts and body performance, it is necessary to watch out for our how much energy we can accumulate to keep our body going until the end of the routines.

Increasing your metabolism would be highly beneficial to you especially when you are working out with Strength Training. This type of fitness program specializes in challenging the endurance of your muscle and the resistance induced by muscular contraction. However, since it is an excellent way to build up muscles and strength, you will need sufficient energy to fuel your burning determination to complete the routine. But can you truly make it and work out if your body lacks nutrients? That is why paying attention to food that increases your metabolism is very vital to your fitness goals. Ensure the preparedness of your body by refueling your energy and building up enough nourishment from the right sources of food. If you are not sure of what to eat, do not fret because we’ll share you the secrets of how to easily increase your metabolism!


What Are The Foods You Need To Eat?

Genetically, we have different eating habits. Our bodies are unique as our personalities as well, that is why it can be quite tricky when it comes to following a nutritional meal plan. Some may have a good metabolism but other may suffer a slow metabolism which can be quite upsetting particularly when you wish to burn calories efficiently. But you can actually reverse it by simply understanding your body and knowing the natural tricks of choosing the right food along with Strength Training.

Take control of your metabolism and be able to activate your body’s fat-burning power. With the following best foods and ingredients we have listed below, you can get a higher level of metabolism. By doing so, you’ll have a higher chance to burn more calories and it technically means saying goodbye to unwanted fats. So check out what foods can rev up your metabolism and keep you going with more energy!


Protein-Rich Foods

Foods that are great sources of protein helps you increase your metabolism. Protein-rich food considerably makes you feel full longer or less hungry so it prevents cases of overeating. Why? It is because protein takes longer to burn compared to carbs thus helping your body to expend more energy as well as preserve lean body mass. So as much as possible think protein whenever you’re drafting your grocery list. Best examples for protein-rich food are meat, fish, eggs (preferably white and not the yolk), nuts, seeds, legumes, and dairy.

A lot of researches suggest these foods as they are proven to increase TEF (Thermic effect of food), the process of using a number of calories in order to digest and absorb the nutrients from the food. Therefore, eating more protein leads to higher your metabolic rate and increase of TEF which helps you burn more calories.

Chili Peppers

This isn’t simply to spice up your meal but it can also increase your metabolism. Basically, what you need is the chemical found inside the chili peppers, the Capsaicin that boosts your metabolism and burns the calories. With its’ fat oxidation ability, you can burn an estimated 50calories per day. Another beneficial factor is the capsaicin’s appetite-reducing attribute that reduces the number of calories you may possible consume particularly from carbs. Plus it has an unexpected source of vitamin C!


Iron-rich Food

Make sure to write down lean meat, seafood, chicken and even fortified cereal on your grocery list because they are the top choices for Iron-rich foods. For at least 3 to 4 servings of these types of food can keep your metabolism stoked! Also, it is important to pay attention to the needs of your thyroid glands since it is responsible for regulating your metabolism. To ensure that your nutritional diet includes iron, zinc, and selenium which produces sufficient nutrients in order for your thyroid glands to function well. Proper functioning of thyroid glands means a healthy metabolism.



As another excellent source of protein, this is a smart choice after a strength fitness exercise. Never forget to get your omega-3 fatty acids from fishes that are enriched with this wonder nutrient. Generally, it Omega 3 regulates your metabolism as it balances your sugar along with reducing inflammation. So make sure to include salmon, herring, and tuna to your meal plans.


Whole Grains

Whole grains or refined grains are nutrient-boosters which reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome. They are also considered a big help when it comes to recovery after an intense workout. So when you wish to slash out some calories and trim trans-fat, whole grain cereal or oatmeal with low-fat milk or yogurt are best food choice you can eat at almost any time of the day. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, as an after-workout snack or even for a midnight meal, you can try various whole grain or cereal recipe!


Water, Tea, and Milk

We all know that water provides many health benefits. As it cleanses the body, it also replenishes and rehydrates us with water we’ve lost after a strenuous workout. Though there is more to it than satisfying your thirst. Did you know that when you are slightly dehydrated, it also slows down your metabolism? So always drink up to ensure your body with a good metabolism. Another drink you must include in your nutritional meal plan is drinking tea or more specifically, Green Tea.  This traditional drink has been proven by many types of research and studies to have fat-burning properties. The plant compound found in every brew of green tea is called EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) is quite commonly included in many dietary supplements. Lastly, milk which is a good source of calcium is recommended by many studies because consuming calcium is proven to metabolize your body efficiently.


There is so much more you can include in order to increase your metabolism. However, never forget that it is through your lifestyle choices and the small changes you incorporate with your workout are what makes a difference in your metabolism. So pair up these healthy food choices with the right attitude and dedication to live a healthy life!

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