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Health Check: Your Hair Routines Could Be Affecting Your Overall Wellness

A lady’s hair is her crowning glory. This is a common adage which most women heard and learned even at an early age. By the time you probably started learning the ABCs, every parent particularly the mothers guide their children (though especially daughters) in proper ways of grooming. So generally, we grow up knowing how essential it is to look good (as much as possible) at all times.  Among the things we have to be wary in regards to our appearance, hair is considered to be on the top of the list. Why so? Simply because it is the first noticeable feature of a person and plays a significant part of a woman’s beauty.

Undeniably, hair has a great impact which is somewhat proven by various survey results of how most women would love to have the same hair with the ones they’ve coveted –wishing to trade it just to be satisfied. Besides eyes and other body parts which are commonly considered as one of the women’s best assets, hair gets the most compliment. So when you’re having a bad hair day, people also notice it which actually doesn’t just count as the neglected appeal but gives the impression of unhealthy hair. Therefore, proper hair care and hygiene are a necessity. It is important to know how you should care for it daily and what your hair is telling about your body.


Reasons Why Hair Hygiene Is Important to Your Health

Hair is actually not just for the sole purpose of vanity but a reflection of your identity and wellbeing. Generally, it sets your personality but did you know that it is also associated with your youthfulness and mental health? People tend to be easily caught with the social stigma of great hairstyle but aside from being “in” with the crowd, there are other important reasons you need to know! More than just being a hair-trendsetter, check out these following reasons why you should be serious on properly taking your hair.


It is your reliable indicator for signs of poor health.

Many believe that all you need to watch out for are the number of calories you’ve burned or how many hours you’ve exercised for the day. However, did you know that the condition of your hair is a strong indicator of your overall health? How many times have you been envious of a co-worker with shiny yet natural-looking hair? Do you wish to have long locks but unfortunately you are hunted by seemingly endless split ends? How about taming frizzy dry hair? No matter what type of hair you have, may it be a long or short haircut and even straight or wavy hair, you can potentially suffer from hair problems. How? It is because your body might not be receiving a sufficient number of vitamins. Your hair will show signs whether your body is working efficiently in terms of processing enough nutrients which keep your health in good condition.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies compromise the vitality of your hair. Without proper nutrients to rely on, your hair will have trouble to acquire desirable hair growth. Certain proteins are also responsible for building up the durability of your hair. Basically, our hair that is underneath our scalp requires oxygen, protein, and nourishment. You can also optimize the growth cycle of your hair and prevent it from becoming oily by getting enough sleep which conversely important for your well-being. If you are suffering from any hair problems, then it means you have to make a few changes on your diet and lifestyle. So why not make time to master proper hair care tips, master hair hygiene and of course, eat healthy foods particularly the ones that are a good source of protein. You can also back it up by taking health supplements suggested by your doctor or health provider.


It boosts your Mental and Emotional Health with a positive disposition.

Stress can easily manifest through a person’s face and aura – making you look weary and old. We know that it is hard to manage everything but don’t let stress monopolize your time and attention in regards to the essentiality of self-care. Yes, there are so many things to prioritize but never put your health at the bottom of your to-do list!

Usually, when we are over-working and stressing ourselves we are depleting our wellbeing – physically and emotionally. We tend to be lenient with our eating and proper hygiene habits. But more than just dressing to impress and mastering stress management, it is important to make sure you have healthy hair because it boosts your mental and emotional health! Gorgeous and healthy hair gives you the confidence and brightens your entire demeanor. As it renders compliment, it will promote a happy vibe and positive disposition which is associated with your mental and emotional state. Whenever you feel good about yourself, you lessen the chances of feeling stressed or anxious. In fact, by simply being stressed out, you are prone to hair loss. The higher the level of stress, the more hair will most likely to fall out. Plus we may literally tear our hair out when stress is too much to handle. So treat yourself with de-stressing activities like yoga and follow a regular hair hygiene regimen so you can be resilient, happy and healthy no matter what life’s challenge may come your way.



It is a great way to prevent any potential hyper-reactive skin (particularly with your scalp).

We have an idealized hairstyle for the day but it is important to ensure that we don’t go overboard with the styling which may cause harm to your scalp. Taking care of your skin is not limited to the skin of your face, arms, legs or any part of your body which are usually flaunted for fashion or vanity purposes. It is necessary to have proper hair hygiene to give enough care for your scalp because it is the place where the roots of our hair grow. Since we want the healthiest version of ourselves, taking care of our hair starting from the roots is needed and the condition of your scalp is vital. We have to manage our scalp health to prevent it from getting dry and itchy. A lot of hair products, weather, and even particular diet can cause negative effects to your scalp in which you may suffer from one of the major hair problems – dandruff. With toxin buildup in the pores of your scalp together with inadequate moisture, it may cause itchiness and overproduction of sebum which later on creates white flakes or dry skin clumps commonly called as dandruff. To eliminate such an unhealthy condition, make sure to take a bath regularly. Don’t over-use hair products and rinse well to ensure that there are no residues left on your scalp. You can also try scalp massage which is great in promoting good circulation of blood at the roots of your hair follicle. Plus did you know that sauna can help you flush out toxins in your scalp and activate your sebaceous glands?


It encourages you to take care of yourself better.

Knowing how to properly care for your hair also means getting to know more about your hair (as if it is actually a person whom you care so dearly). With that in mind, you can be well-versed in choosing hairstyles which considers your scalp and every strand. More than simply being beautiful, you have to truly care for your hair so that way, it can ideally keep up with your lifestyle as well. Like when you are too focused on being active, there are chic yet practical workout hairstyles that are very functional no matter how intense your fitness routines are.


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