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Fitness 101: Importance of Toned Abs and How to Successfully Strengthen it?

Having perfectly toned abs is something that can undeniably turn heads. But it is actually more than just for the looks; even though a lot of people initially spend hours at the gym to achieve the body they’ve been dreaming to have. Naturally, losing weight and getting a six-packed abs will be included in the list of the coveted fitness result. However, it is important to understand why you must give proper attention to getting a tight tummy.



Did you know that by having a strong core, your muscles will have more liability? It will also improve your way of breathing thus strengthens your innermost abdominals. It also initiates a better function of the core muscles which includes your abdominal wall, lower back, glutes and hip flexors. More so, there are other and better reasons why you should strengthen your core muscles rather than simply aiming to get a washboard stomach.

Core Benefits of Abdominal Strength

By improving your core stability opens up a lot of benefits for you which translate not just for your workout or for sports performance if you are an athlete but for your daily activities as well.  It is actually recommended by most fitness trainer and particularly core training advocates to include at least one to two exercises which aim to test your core strength, full-body stability and even grants you better posture. There is so much more waiting for you once you’ve decided to allot a good amount of time in focusing and training your core muscles!

Incomparable Support for the Body

It is greatly beneficial for you in terms of keeping your body upright and stable. You wouldn’t have to worry about lower back pains. By strengthening your abdominal muscles, you can manage this kind of troublesome pain. How? Keeping your abdominal muscles strong can make the sacroiliac joint less rigid which in turn connects the sacrum and ilium of your pelvis for a better position. With this, you’ll have less strain to your spine resulting in fewer chances of suffering from lower back pain. Aside from that, you can improve your balance wherein you wouldn’t have to fear and prevent such tumble accidents to happen. This proves beneficial for elders who are quite prone to falling. There will always be a risk of a tumble every day especially if you are working mostly outside and exposed to places with uneven ground or terrain. If you’ll incorporate a core workout, you can train your balance thus helping you to stay upright and avoid such injuries.

Better Breathing and Better Health

Yes, you may develop a slimmer waistline (which by the way means a better blood flow) and aesthetically pleasing stomach but what you need to know is that you’ll have a guaranteed better health!

The promise of better breathing is also one of the benefits you’ll have. There have been many studies which also promotes how by having strong and flat abs can help you be less subjected to heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney cancer, and osteoarthritis.

Makes Everything Easier

It is not just for the reason of making your body “bikini-ready” for summer, but more importantly because you use your abdominal muscles in almost every physical activity every day.  Whenever you are standing, sitting, lifting your groceries or twisting while playing and carrying your kids, your abs muscle is in action.  So if you have a stronger abs muscle you can make certain tasks lighter by practicing better posture. If you have better control and can contract your abs muscle, you can easily adjust your posture which eventually allows you to ward off lower back pain and soreness of your muscle. 


Ways to Get a Stronger Abs


It is important to use our body to run, walk, climb, jump, crawl and do some crunches.  We must not simply rely on machines. Even simply doing a breathing exercise can help you build strong core stabilization for your body and actually makes a good impact to your health. So here are some of the core exercises which you can incorporate to your workout and training program:

  1. Belly and Chest Breathing

This is a type of breathing exercise which you can easily do at the comfort of your home. Simply prepare a yoga mat or a big towel. Use a rolled-up towel or a pillow as a prop which is to be placed under your abdomen when you lie face down. Count 5 slow breaths within the time course of 1 minute. Your aim is to concentrate in inflating your abdomen. Then for the next 5 counts of slow breath, you have to inhale until you feel full. Hold it in for 3 seconds while the muscles in your abdomen stiffened or bracing against the prop (the towel or the pillow you’ve used) and then slowly exhale. Repeat the process once again and then roll gently from side to side. At the same time you are rolling, massage your abdomen as you perform this step for a minute. Then proceed to the next level wherein the prop (towel or pillow) is placed under your sternum. Repeat the whole routine but this time, instead of the abdomen, you aim will be the rib cage.

  1. Plank Banded Row

This is a great routine to gain better core stability. Instead of the traditional plank, why not try this leveled-up plank exercise! Start in a plank position. You must be a foot away from a power rack or a sturdy pole with a band looped around it.  Place your one hand as your support and the other hand holding the band stretch out away from the rack or pole. Your arm must be in a forward stretched line. Pull the band towards you as you drive your elbow down in the direction of your rib cage. Then slowly extend your arm back out. Repeat the process with your other hand. For each arm, you must perform 3 sets of 10 reps.


So what are you waiting for? If you want to reduce lower back pain, have an upright and better posture, improve your workout or sports performance but most importantly to enjoy life even more by breathing better and feel healthier, then it is time to engage in core training program! Make sure to try and incorporate these core routines to get stronger abs!

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