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Are Fitness Apps Effectively Helpful or a “No-Go”?

People tend to go crazy over mobile applications or what we simply call as “apps”. It is strategically designed to run primarily on mobile device or gadgets such as iPads or even special watches.  Each app features unique variations depending on its’ actual purpose since the application software is generally created to be of assistance to the user. Among the countless apps, the one that is creating a stir when it comes to downloadable applications is the Fitness App.

When you check your friend's phone or perhaps ask a co-worker about the kind of apps they have at their phones, there will surely one with a Fitness app. It has been quite popularized to most people who don’t have enough time to go to the gym or when a person prefers working out at the comfort of her home.

Does Fitness Apps Actually Work?

We understand how it can be increasingly difficult to stay in shape particularly when you are battling against time. However, with the introduction of the app technology, it only makes sense that people tend to rely on the things that can help them do what they want in the easiest and quickest way possible. After all, most of us believe that there is a special app for anything and everything!

The essentiality of the Fitness App is primarily connected to concern such as the following:

  • Time for Work and Home – Being active isn’t easy since you have to juggle your time. For some people who usually spend their day at the office or at school, there is so little time to exercise. Plus it can be a bit of a challenge when you have kids. But working out shouldn’t actually be a burden to your schedules and it is possible with the assistance of fitness apps!


Conveniently, you can possibly sort your schedule and set workout reminders on your very own time. You can easily track your progress along with an allotted rest-day in order for you to be flexible in managing your time in between work, home and even still have intimate time with your partner. Generally, fitness app is a great help for you – all it takes is opening the app and get into the easy yet quick workout time that works for every priority you have.


  • Gym Membership is Pricey – Yes, it can be indeed pricey but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to an active lifestyle. We usually think that we’re neck deep with obligations and grinding for every paycheck means we have to spend them wisely on more important things other than signing-up for a gym membership. But working out doesn’t need to be at the gym because you can exercise at the park, an open space near your neighborhood or inside the comfort of your home. And fitness app makes it even possible and reliably effective!

Compared to most gym membership fee, fitness apps are a tad cheaper or quite very affordable wherein at some point are free of charge! You can find various fitness apps that may suit to your workout needs and personal preference. And unlike finding a personal trainer, which aren’t cheap for hire, fitness apps are much more appealing. Plus it can add a personal and fun component because some apps offer special features in terms of social capabilities such as sharing online the workout progress or points you have achieved for the day and even have a little friendly competition with your friends!


  • Your Preferred Comfort – When it comes to doing your sweat sesh, different factors are considered and self- efficacy is one them. For some people, they love to exercise alone and there’s nothing wrong with that. Fitness app is the perfect workout buddy for those who want to workout in their own space. You wouldn’t have to worry about planning for your fitness routines because most fitness apps offer templates and strategically designed fitness regime depending on what you want to achieve – whether it is to lose weight or build your muscles. You can also track your progress easily and be able to secure your diet with the included nutritional meal plans. Plus there are different levels that are beneficial to everyone – either for beginner, intermediate or advance fitness level.



Best Fitness Apps You Must Have for Life!

Whether you are a fitness app junkie or not, you’ll surely going to love these amazing apps that can effectively turn things around to your advantage thus helping you to achieve your fitness goals!

  1. Freeletics

This fitness app is considered to be a hyper-personalized Training app which offers various workouts. Each workout or training program is centralized around high-intensity routines which are commonly performed in HIIT.  You can find videos that will demonstrate each routine along with its’ feature of using AI as a bespoke training programme. It pushes you to your limit through the 4 free platforms you need to cover. They are GYM, Bodyweight exercises, Running workout variations and Nutrition guide. Though there is a further subscription needed if you wish to have a customized Nutrition plans to complement your workout goals.


  1. FitBit

If you are a beginner or a person who just recently decided to be active, then this is the fitness app for you! Though you have to manually set and log your workouts, this has a unique way of helping you with your exercise. Not only you can schedule your workout and track your progress, it will also track other components such as your heart rate and sleeping hours. You can check and truly pay attention to your heart rate while you are doing your routines along with the number of calories you’ve burn for the day. There is also a food diary feature and a record option so you can see the history of your workouts.  


  1. Fiit

It offers three types of workout program – Cardio, Strength and Rebalance. You can choose either of those training or mix them all together depending to your workout goals. It makes fitness apps even more convenient because you can bring the Fit device wherever you want; all you need is strap it across your chest. Or you can simply hook it up to your TV and presto – instant easy workout guide!


  1. Movement for Modern Life

This fitness app is ideal for people who love yoga. If you don’t have time or too tired from work to attend your yoga class, then this is the one you need. Featuring special functions that complement the mood and different level suitable for everyone, it is undeniably efficient. Whether you wish to master yoga, acquire peace or simply about stretching your body, this is the fitness app for you. Plus it is internationally acclaimed by most yoga teachers.


  1. Nike + Training Club (NTC)

You’ve probably heard this fitness app or if not, then you are being left behind! This fitness app offers comprehensive workout choices – whether it is for endurance, cardio, strength training and workouts to build your mobility. One of its’ top features is a display of instructions straight from famous athletes while serving as your motivation to keep going. Plus it is extremely stylish and free for everyone! So why not try it and download the app now!

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