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15-minute Home Workout: Your Trump card to be Fit and Healthy over Busy Schedule

Have you been wondering what is it like to have enough time? No need to rush into work just because you overslept last night. Or you wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to work out and get your body fit as you wanted it to be. It will surely be awesome to be able to squeeze in exercise into your busy schedule. There are just so many things you have to manage and handle them all together isn’t easy.  If only you can expertly control everything like how a circus juggler does with the balls, then all will be just sunshine and rainbows!

People often think that as long as you got countless properties, money, fame or social life, they are living to the fullest. But you might be forgetting one of the top priorities of a human – and that is to be healthy in order to survive. It is important to reflect and take the time to care enough for your wellness.  But you might say, it’s alright because you don’t get sick and even eat healthy food once in a while. Actually, that is a misconception of being healthy. Proper diet and exercise are the main contributors to a person’s health.  So it is necessary to simply shrug off the idea of exercise just because you are busy with other matter. You can make time. Why not start today? We can help you!

Check out these 2 easy to follow workouts which you can do even at home. Free yourself to do what you’ve always wanted and it will not cause such harm if you take 15minutes off your busy schedule.


Exercise #1: “I-Can-Do-It” Routine

  1. Start your day with a smile! (This is important!) J
  2. For 30 seconds, jog in place.
  3. For 1 minute, do the apple picker stance. Simply stand with your feet (shoulder-width apart) and raise your arm straight up like reaching for the skies.
  4. Then bend your knee and lift it until your thigh. You can start with your left knee and do it next with the other. When you raise your knee, you have to lower both arms to meet it. It is like you grabbed something from the top and grasping it down just as how you pick apples. You can try using water bottles if you want something to hold with your hand.
  5. Another 30 seconds of jogging in place.
  6. Next, do some chair sit-ups. Get a good chair and stand in front of it. Deliberately, sit down and stand up to test the stamina of your body particularly the things. Use your core to control the speed as you bump it up. You can also hold out your arms sideways as you stand.
  7. Afterward, jog in place for another 30 seconds.
  8. Perform the “Slow-mountain climbers” which starts with a push-up position. Place your hand directly under your shoulders. From that position, bring one of your knees up to your chest and then revert it back down. Do it alternately with both knees. It is also important not to let your hips sag.


Exercise #2: “Boxer Stance” Routine

  1. Start with 1-minute jumping jacks.
  2. For 2 minutes, you stand with your feet (shoulder-width apart) and slowly bend forward to touch the floor. With your hands on the floor, walk out until you are in a planking position.
  3. Afterward, move your right knee towards your chest. Hold it for 20 seconds and you can then bring it back. Do the same with your left knee for another 20 seconds. Once done, you can walk your hands toward the direction of your feet to be able to stand back up.
  4. Do some front-kicks for 1 minute. It will also feel great to close your fist like that of a boxer while kicking. Alternately, lift your one knee and then extend it out into a kick – back and forth.
  5. Set 2 minutes for Cardio-butt kickers. You have to bend your knee and tap your rear with your foot. The same process must be done with your other knee.
  6. Another 1 minute for jumping jacks.
  7. Lastly, have a 3-minutes Arm Strengtheners. For every 30 seconds, you have to switch two routines.  Start with the “Behind-the-back-claps” wherein you have to keep your arms straight and then try low-behind claps with your hands. Then proceed with the “Upper Air Punches”. You have to bend your knee and then punch straight up to the ceiling. It is important to perform it in a rapid alternating pace.


With this 15-minutes exercise, you can have a good start to express yourself through your body and wellness. There are so many benefits and advantage once you effectively shape your body and mind to be strong to take on any challenge in life.  Give yourself a higher probability to transform into a healthier version of you.

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